Offer proposal – State Dy. Director (Security) - Agency

Ardh Sainik Group is creating opportunities for the retired force personnel to lead the business world with our strong back hand support and guidance. We have many schemes and projects launched to provide opportunity and job to retired soldiers, such as Ardh Sainik Amul Parlour, Ardh Sainik Canteen and now offering Ardh Sainik Security State Branch offer as business partner.

Ardh Sainik Security founded under the aegis of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (ASWT) have taken initiative to assist the Government for rehabilitation of Para Military and Defence forces personnel and to facilitate retired force personnel and their family members to provide suitable job/work and train to acquire additional skills for their resettlement through the best available options in the society. ASWT is fully committed towards generating opportunities and fulfilling the dreams for re-employment/ entrepreneurship.

State Security Agency as Dy. Director (Security): SCOPE and responsibility

Security services, a big need of society, and there is a huge demand of retired paramilitary personnel for security purpose. Therefore, to meet the need of the society, Ardh Sainik Security offering a State Security agency /branch to take care of the entire state security program as Dy. Director (Security) State. Under this program extending security facility to School, College, Institute and industries etc. will be the major task of Dy. Director.

Paramilitary Forces personnel, have acquired professional skills during their service career, therefore, it is the target of Ardh Sainik Security to provide best available opportunities to our retired personnel as well as for dependents of serving personnel and other interested candidates.

Priority of selection:

All retired CAPFs and Defence personnel can apply for as State Dy. Director agency on first come and first take basis and he must be capable to command and control the entire state security program.

Agency Deposit and benefits:

Applicant needs to deposit security for agency of State Dy. Director and will be entitled for sharing of profit in the state.

DB Resgistration


S.No Particulars
1 Office space – for Ardh Sainik Security Branch
2 Manpower as per requirement.
3 Infrastructure (Table, Chair, Computer, Printer etc.)
4 Communication + Internet
5 Stationary etc.
6 Availability of Electricity
7 District Branch Manager